Frontier Medicines’ proprietary platform uses chemoproteomics – an innovative approach to chemically interrogate proteins in living systems – to discover and pharmacologically target new binding pockets (or hotspots) on proteins for the purpose of making them accessible to therapeutic intervention.

In order for a drug to be effective against a protein, it needs to first bind to it. Until now, approximately 90% of human proteins could not be targeted by small-molecule drugs because there was no known binding site on the surface of the protein. However, Frontier Medicines believes that when proteins move, they bend and create temporary pockets to which a drug can bind. Using chemoproteomics technology, Frontier has discovered these temporary pockets (or hotspots) across a majority of human proteins and how to selectively target them with new drugs. This enables a paradigm shift by allowing previously “undruggable” proteins to now be accessible to therapeutic intervention.


Frontier Medicines’ proprietary chemoproteomics platform has the following key components:

  • A growing database of hotspots that cover a majority of human proteins, including those that were previously “undruggable.”
  • An expanding library of chemically diverse compounds augmented by machine learning techniques. The more diverse the chemistry, the greater the chances of finding high quality compounds for a hotspot.
  • A novel approach to protein degradation that has the potential to be superior to current approaches.

Coupling our platform with scientific insights enables Frontier Medicines to selectively target a majority of human proteins, including those thought to be “undruggable.”