Kim Anderson, Ph.D.

Scientist II, Chemical Biology

My interest in the science being pursued at Frontier started when I worked in the lab of Dan Nomura, one of the scientific cofounders of Frontier, at U.C. Berkeley. I always knew I wanted to work in science, but I never quite knew in what capacity or setting. After I attended a conference where I was introduced to many industry professionals, I got a glimpse of the types of problems and questions being addressed by biopharma. I loved how laser-focused the programs were on the ultimate goal: creating useful drugs to help patients. Therefore, working for Frontier -- to design experiments that allow us to determine how and where our compounds are binding our protein targets -- was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up! 

When I am not working at the interface of chemistry and biology, I am pursuing one of my other life’s goals – baking the perfect croissant. I have photos and videos to document my progress!